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Why ForecastAI?

In The Sea Of Budgeting Apps - Why Choose ForecastAI?
October 21, 2021
Justin Storm

Look… we know there are numerous budgeting apps in the App Store. So, you might ask, knowing that, why did we create yet another one? We’re glad you asked!

We have been managing our budgets for years using spreadsheets. In recent years we have tried using newer tools, including several different iOS apps. Some of those other options met some of our needs. However, there were downsides, including, but not limited to, poor user experience, lack of budget forecasting, and most significantly a lack of privacy in the data that you enter.


ForecastAI helps you forecast your budget while keeping your data YOURS.

We take your privacy seriously. When you install and use ForecastAI there are no user accounts to setup and maintain. All of your data is tied 100% to your iCloud account. That’s data we cannot see, and more importantly, data we cannot sell to third parties. Another benefit to that is you never have to login to ForecastAI. As long as you have access to your iCloud account you are ready to use ForecastAI.


Always wondering if you will be able to afford Christmas gifts for your family this year? Property taxes sneaking up on you? What would happen to your finances if an unexpected car or home repair comes up? Take the guesswork out of your future budget with ForecastAI! Most budgeting tools are really only useful for the here and now. We built ForecastAI to focus mo

Best-In-Class iOS Experience

ForecastAI was built specifically to support iOS and only iOS. Because of that it looks and feels like an app that ships with your iOS device. It takes advantage of many iOS features that you already know and love. Features like:

  • Dark Mode
  • Dynamic Type Support
  • Automatic & Secure iCloud Data Syncing
  • Works on Both iPhones & iPads
  • Widgets To Customize Your Home Screen
  • Custom App Icons (Pro Only)

Pro Subscription

You can start forecasting your financial needs as soon as you install ForecastAI. But to really take advantage of all that ForecastAI has to offer, sign up for a Pro subscription! With a Pro subscription you can:

  • Extend Forecasts Out to 24 Months - Need to see what your finances will look like next year?
  • Setup Multiple Forecasts - Checking & Savings for example!
  • Link Transactions Between Forecasts - Automatically setup transfers to savings to hit your financial goals!
  • Custom App Icons - Supercharge your app experience with custom app icons!

Thanks for reading…download ForecastAI and start forecasting your finances today!

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